Mini Luxury Coach Rental In Kerala

Luxury Premium Tempo Traveller for Rent in Cochin

A preferred choice among a select group of travelers is the Luxury Mini Coach, which remains highly sought after. Ideal for groups of 8-10 people, this mini coach offers a perfect blend of luxury and comfort for seamless travel. Featuring plush seats and various amenities, the coach stands out for its exceptional comfort. In Kochi, the availability of Mini Luxury Coach Rentals is relatively scarce, creating high demand. Opting for this service eliminates the hassle of coordinating a fleet of small cars for a group, making travel more enjoyable and entertaining. The mini coach mirrors the comforts of a deluxe motor coach, excluding a lavatory. With TV and audio equipment on board, passengers can indulge in plenty of entertainment during the journey.

Why choose Luxury Mini Coach over Cabs?
For a group excursion, normally you require a combination of two or three cars, but here you can travel in a single vehicle as a group, with more luggages. In case if you have a pet, there is no problem, you can accommodate it also. Adding to it is the amenities and facilities that it provides.

Greater Value for Money
Usually people have a mental block in hiring a coach as they think it would be expensive. Work out the accounts, and you would find this option more affordable and practical as you do not have to rely on multiple cabs. Travelling in a group makes the trip more enjoyable, the crowd can be easily managed and it is one unit of people instead of people scattered in many vehicles.

Mini Luxury Coach Convenience
To be frank, here you can breathe easily. In other case in a vehicle four or five people will be piling up, with no leg space, and with legs cramped in long journeys, it will be inconvenient and tiring. In mini bus, space is guaranteed and the seating arrangements are comfy enough with facilities such as television, theatre system and A/C.

Carry your stuff in peace
During the pleasure trip or any trip in a group will require lot of luggage and it is always difficult to thrust it into the boot of the cars. But it is different in mini coaches as there is lot of storage space, and you do not have to worry about storage and keeping things safe.

Finally, the size of the coach is not too big or small and it is easy for a home to pick up or drop. There is no need to worry too much about the small lanes and by lanes and thereby have all the advantages of a cab.

There is much competition in Mini Bus Rental in Kochi as it is a lucrative business. Understanding this fact we give you competitive rates as well as provide good coaches and excellent services. We make sure that you get excellent drivers with excellent local knowledge and driving expertise along with a hassle-free journey.