Premium Tempo Traveller Rentals From Cochin International Airport To Sabarimala

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Opting for a Luxury Tempo Traveller is the ideal choice for a group trip to this renowned South Indian shrine from Kochi/Cochin airport, whether you’re traveling with friends or family.

For a deeply enriching spiritual journey

Sabarimala stands as a renowned pilgrimage destination, nestled within the lush forests and serene streams of Kerala. Exploring this forest temple promises a rejuvenating and spiritually profound journey. With over 30 million pilgrims making their way here each year, it ranks as the largest pilgrimage center in the nation. What makes Sabarimala even more intriguing is its limited accessibility, as the temple doors open for just two months annually. People from around the world embark on this sacred journey to attain inner peace and a profound sense of divinity.

For a Serene and Stress-Free Journey and Unforgettable Travel Moments

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