Tempo Traveller Rental In Kerala

Tempo Traveller Rental Kerala

Transpire Holidays offers a variety of Tempo Traveller Rental Kerala, catering to both local and outstation trips at affordable rates.

Experience Exceptional Force Tempo Traveller Rental Services in Kochi, Kerala, with Transpire Holidays. Your Safe and Reliable Choice for Force Traveller Rentals in the region.

Embark on a Delightful Kerala Tour with Tempo Traveller Rental. Create joyful memories with your entire family by choosing a Tempo Traveller for your journey in Kerala


Seating Capacity9 Passengers
Rent Per DayRs 3000 (Max 100 KM)
Rate For Additional KilometersRs 20/KM
Driver bata, Toll, Parking, and Permit will be extra.


Seating Capacity12 Passengers
Rent Per DayRs 3500 (Max 100 KM)
Rate For Additional KilometersRs 23/KM
Driver bata, Toll, Parking, and Permit will be extra.


Seating Capacity17 Passengers
Rent Per DayRs 3750 (Max 100 KM)
Rate For Additional KilometersRs 24/KM
Driver bata, Toll, Parking, and Permit will be extra.


Seating Capacity26 Passengers
Rent Per DayRs 6500 (Max 100 KM)
Rate For Additional KilometersRs 28/KM
Driver bata, Toll, Parking, and Permit will be extra.

Choose your desired destination and reach out to Transpire Holidays now to reserve your Tempo Traveller at budget-friendly rates.

Whether it’s a nearby excursion or an out-of-town adventure, opting for a Tempo Traveller rental is an excellent choice for group travel of 10-15 individuals. Travelling in style and comfort is made possible for all passengers in a smaller group by renting a 12 or 17-seater Tempo Traveller through our services. Our vehicle rental services are centred in Kochi / Cochin, ensuring transparency in all transactions. With experienced chauffeurs at your service, an unforgettable travel experience awaits when you choose to hire a vehicle from us.

Experience a Secure Voyage in Pristinely Kept Tempo Travellers

Equipped with a fleet of meticulously cared-for luxury and standard Tempo Travellers, our vehicles are ideal for comfortable group travel. Whether it’s a family getaway or a leisurely excursion with friends, we offer various Tempo Traveller options, including air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned models. Whether you choose a luxurious or standard vehicle, rest assured that you’ll experience top-notch service with our well-maintained Tempo Travellers when you choose Transpire Holidays for your rental needs.

Experience the Force Tempo Traveller – A Dynamic Vehicle for Group Travel

In the present era, there is a growing preference for group travel over solo journeys, as it not only enhances the enjoyment of the trip but also proves to be cost-effective. Opting for a luxurious Tempo Traveller from Transpire ensures a comfortable and enjoyable group experience. Our vehicles boast stunning interiors, providing a delightful ambience for your collective journey.

Beyond excellent fuel efficiency, our Tempo Travellers feature a fully operational air conditioning system, adding to the overall comfort. The robust engine ensures a smooth and secure traverse through the diverse terrains of Indian roads, making your group journey hassle-free and safe.

Luxury Premium Tempo Traveller for Rent in Cochin

Seamless Journey with Expertly Trained Drivers

Reach your destination safely and effortlessly with our skilled and experienced chauffeurs. The Tempo Traveller, equipped with a fully functional air conditioning system and top-notch entertainment options, ensures a delightful and memorable journey when you choose us. Our adept chauffeurs are well-versed with routes to popular tourist attractions in South India, and the GPS system in the vehicle further aids in reaching your destination seamlessly. Count on our chauffeurs to make your journey stress-free and comfortable.

Contact us at +91 98460 89546 today or conveniently complete the online form to discover more about our Tempo Traveller rental services in Kerala. Packed with numerous features, this vehicle ensures a delightful journey for you, your friends, or your family.

Secure your hassle-free and comfortable journey by booking your Tempo Traveller in Kerala with us.